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 Morgan’s session was extremely impactful to our members, she had a full house in attendance and was able to keep it interactive and high energy. She had the tennis coaches in attendance leaving inspired and ready to apply what they learned with their athletes. We are so glad Morgan was able to be part of our PTR International Symposium! She delivered content that impacted over 400 coaches in the tennis industry. We look forward to having her work with us more.

Milena Vidos

Director of Education and Diversity, PTR, Professional Tennis Registry


Morgan Jones is a former D1 & Professional Athlete turned transformational speaker & founder of The Vision Box. Throughout her playing days in the top 5% of Women Basketball Athletes in the world, she was able to extract leadership principles that she uses to guide and empower Leaders, Athletes & Women who are eager to transform their lives, live intentionally & make an impact.

Morgan believes that everything starts from within… When we lean in, deploy curiosity, connect with care & grow our awareness we create winning cultures that embrace the mission & vision.

Those who book Morgan describe her as Thoughtful, Engaging, Intuitive & Actionable. As the 2023 Prestigious ACC Unite recipient, Morgan’s mission is to help leaders evolve into their authentic path, voice & purpose.

“Everything you need is within you.”

As Seen In…

Morgan stands out as a great workshop curator and facilitator because of who she is and how she delivers what each participant needs. Her ability to pay attention while presenting was well-balanced with objective guidance and keen awareness of her audience members’ verbal and nonverbal responses. She is great at interacting with her audience before, during and after “showtime” and ensuring each participant feels comfortable contributing, creating their own ideas, speaking up about their thoughts and openly discussing their perspectives through organized yet candid dialogue. Her transparent approach empowered the student-athletes to think independently and collaboratively about intrinsic values and motivation with purpose-discovery and accountability intentions in and beyond basketball.

Additionally, more than half the team voluntarily took the “extra step” to attend a 50-minute NIL idea formation workshop generously led by Morgan, immediately following our scheduled session. She was very punctual and adaptable throughout her entire visit with us, and is a joy to be around!

Asha Sowell

Student Athlete Development, University of Houston

When BALL was kinda LIFE…

  • 100+ full-ride scholarship offers
  • WBAC All-American
  • Ranked as High as #9 in America
  • FHSAA 2010 State Champion
  • 2011 McDonald’s All-American
  • Reached NCAA Elite 8

Live KeyNotes

Every event organizer and leader has key points that need to be stressed. I will work with you directly in customizing a presentation that fit your event theme & objectives.


Morgans patented process, The Vision Box was created to transforms thoughts, goals and visions Into aligned action

Morgan's visit to our TTU freshman and seniors was truly transformative. Her unique energy and creative approach to exploring the challenges of transitioning into and out of college left a lasting impact. She engaged our students in thought-provoking discussions about identity, growth, and adaptation. Her ability to connect with the audience was remarkable, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-discovery. We are immensely grateful for Morgan's presence and the invaluable insights she shared. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations, knowing that her contributions will continue to inspire and guide our students on their journey of personal and academic growth

Marissa Watters

Director of Student Athlete Development, Texas Tech University