Choose your journey

Choose your Journey

aka Trust the process

Before you can set a standard for your team each athlete must have a standard for themselves. This retreat is heavily structured around self-discovery, goal creation and the establishment of a strong team dynamic. The experience is tailored to developing the complete team. One that embraces their standard both on and off the court. Each athlete will learn about her own personal goals and strengths as she also embraces her designated role on the team.

  • 2 days
  • 4 sessions
  • Usually Friday to Sunday

I will work closely with you to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience! During this retreat, every player (Visionary) on the team will spend time engaging with her team in order to identify her unique traits and understand how these unique traits contribute to the dynamic of the team. As a Visionary, you will create goals, put together your own vision boards, and work toward setting yourself up for success, both within your sport and within your future!

scouting report…major keys

Let me help you explore your inner-self! This one-day workshop facilitates an intense session of discovery: both discovery of self and discovery of others. In this workshop, athletes will deeply explore both their own personal identity and their identity within the team dynamic. Are you ready to explore?

  • 1 day
  • 2 sessions
  • Off-season, pre-season or during competition – Whichever is best for your unique organization, I will meet you there!

You will be bolstered with a deeply renewed understanding as to who you are and why you are valuable and important to the success of the organization. Each athlete will be encouraged to address topics with a fearless and courageous spirit. By undertaking the daunting task of self-discovery, you gain a deep and insightful sense of self. I use this heightened understanding to help female athletes establish their own personal goals that align well with both who they are at the moment and who they are choosing to be in the future.

aka the road trip

Need a new and consistent approach to keep things headed in the right direction? I am here to assist! The Never-ending Narrative is designed to help female-student athletes develop the courage and strength to grab hold of their lives and step into the director’s role. Female student-athletes will learn what it means to be the authority of their own lives rather than an observer, and how to step into the Victor’s mentality as they move forward with their personal lives and goals.

  • 4- 6 months
  • 1 session per month
  • Virtual, from the comfort of your locker room!

Over the course of the 6-month period, Visionaries will gain a strong sense of self, the mental toughness needed to thrive both on and off the court, and a suite of personal habits to help build a healthy, productive and sustainable lifestyle conducive to future success.

aka life game prep!

As a teacher from experience, I meet my audience exactly where they are at and leave them with a powerful set of tools to pull from as they approach their life objectives. Giving them permission to define their identity for themselves, create powerful goals, take diligent responsible steps forward and become stronger human beings in the process.

Igniting your team’s identity or events purpose!

  • Invest today for your tomorrow!
  • Own the Season you are in
  • The #1 Factor: Relationships
  • The Trickle Effect: Choices

Morgan's visit to our TTU freshman and seniors was truly transformative. Her unique energy and creative approach to exploring the challenges of transitioning into and out of college left a lasting impact. She engaged our students in thought-provoking discussions about identity, growth, and adaptation. Her ability to connect with the audience was remarkable, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-discovery. We are immensely grateful for Morgan's presence and the invaluable insights she shared. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations, knowing that her contributions will continue to inspire and guide our students on their journey of personal and academic growth

Marissa Watters

Director of Student Athlete Development, Texas Tech University